Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almost there...

Spring 2011, feels like yesterday. Seriously! My lovely friend Sarah was pregnant with her first baybay. I made her this 'gender neutral' baby quilt with hunky dory line by Chez Moi from Moda.

Just started

All finished

Packaged and ready for delivery

Around the same time I also decided to finally decorate the last bare wall in my living room. I made the pillow! Much better than before!



Almost caught year left to go :)

Odds and Ends from 2010

Ok I have nothing clever to say about this post. Title pretty much sums it up.

Shoe bag

Stocking I made for Ethan

Love Kate Spain fabric

Ribbon spools I made for my Mom

I love my job!

I love teaching sewing and foods! Best. Job. Ever. I especially love professional development days with the THESA(the home economics specialty association) ladies. These are some photos from our workshop on cake decorating and some easy sewing projects that are perfect for students.

Playing with fondant and buttercream

Quick sew purse and wallet

Playing catch-up

Bet you thought I was gone for good..huh? Well, I'm back and ready for business!!! And by 'business' I mean catching up on a year and a half of posting. So here it goes starting with Fall 2010....

Remember the pirate Halloween costume I was thinking about sewing? I finished it! Honestly, after all the time and money I spent making it I was terrified to let the boy wear it to daycare. Seriously! White lace cuffs on a boy? There is a reason why that went out of fashion in the 1800s.